Augmented Canine Assassin


“Vav vav!”

Species Doggo!
Career Bounty Hunter
Specialisations Hashashim
Experience (Remaining) ? (90 base, 10 obligation, 110 sessions)

4 3 2 2 3 2
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence

Wound 15 (12 base, 3 Brawn)
Strain 13 (9 base, 3 Willpower, 1 Grit)
Soak 5 (4 Brawn, 1 Armour)
Defense Unknown

General Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Astrogation Intelligence 0
Athletics Agility 1
Charm Presence 0
Coercion Willpower 0
Computers Intelligence 0
Cool Presence 0
Coordination Agility 0
Deception Cunning 0
Discipline Willpower 0
Leadership Presence 0
Mechanics Intelligence 0
Negotiation Presence 0
Perception Cunning 2
Piloting Agility 0
Resilience Brawn 0
Skulduggery Cunning 0
Stealth Agility 1
Streetwise Cunning 0
Survival Cunning 0
Vigilance Willpower 1
Combat Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Brawl Brawn 1
Melee Brawn 1
Warpsaber Willpower 0
Ranged (Light) Agility 0
Ranged (Heavy) Agility 0
Gunnery Agility 0
Knowledge Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
* Indicates Career Skills
  • Grit (5) Adds +1 to Strain per rank of Grit.
  • Lethal Blows (5) (15) Adds +10 to Critical Hits per rank of Lethal Blows.
  • Stalker (5) (15) Adds 1 blue dice per rank of Stalker to Stealth and Coordination checks
  • Quick Strike (10) Adds 1 blue dice per rank of Quick Strike to attacks made on opponents who have not acted yet.
  • Dodge (20) Can suffer strain up to ranks in Dodge to increase difficulty of one incoming attack.
  • Dedication (25) +1 Characteristic (Brawn).
  • Regeneration Regeneration!
  • Claws Claws!
  • Small Smol!

Credits Infinite!

  • XXX. XXX

Doggo is a dog who dog dog dog vav vav vav.


He was created on a harsh forest/mountainous/rainy world just like all the other harsh forest/mounain/rainy worlds, by a Grey Jedi/Psyker/Warpsmith/Other who was a BRILLIANT SCIENTIST! Doggo was the first sucessful subject, given enhanced intelligence, regeneration, and most importantly, potential. He was successfully trained, and as with all of BRILLIANT SCIENTIST’s creations, likely forgotten once his goal was achieved. With no dog food, Doggo scoured the universe looking for more. As he did, he ran into Dark Jedi, Black Psykers, Red Warpsmiths, Daemon Princes, whatever they’re called, and also got a reputation as a smol dog who bothers people a lot.

  • XXX. (Type: XXX) XXX

His motivations include being the very best like no one ever was, food, water, fighting and getting pet.

  • XXX. (Type: XXX; Magnitude: XXX) XXX

His obligations include…. well… whatever you can think of. Dark Jedi, Grey Jedi, Assassins, Bounty Hunters, Drugs, Women, Rock n Roll, Food. The usual?


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