Bewildered Fringe World Jill-Of-All-Trades


“Character Quote”

Species Human
Career Explorer
Specialisations Fringer, Medic
Experience 40 (110 Base +0 Obligations +195 Sessions -305 Expenditure )

2 3 3 3 2 2
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence

Wound 16
Strain 14
Soak 4
Defense 0/0 (1/1)

General Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Astrogation* Int 1
Athletics Br 1
Computers Int 1
Cool* Pre 1
Coordination* Ag 1
Deception Cun 1
Mechanics Int 1
Medicine* Int 1 2
Negotiation* Pr 1
Perception* Cun 1
Piloting – Space* Ag 1
Resilience* Br 1
Stealth Ag 1
Streetwise* Cun 1 1
Survival* Cun 1
Vigilance* Wil 1
Combat Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Ranged (Light) Agi 1
Ranged (Heavy) Agi 1
Knowledge Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Education Int 1
Lore* Int 1
Outer Rim* Int 1
Underworld Int 1
Xenology* Int 1

* Career Skills; 1 Street Smarts (Talent); 2 ECM-598 Medical Backpack (Gear)

  • Durable. The character may reduce a Critical Injury result they suffer by 10 per rank of Durable, to a minimum of one.
  • Forager. Remove up to from skill checks to find food, water, or shelter. Survival checks to forage take half the time.
  • Galaxy Mapper. Remove per rank of Galaxy Mapper from all Astrogation checks. In addition, Astrogation checks take 50% less time. This does not increase with multiple ranks of Galaxy Mapper.
  • Grit (2). Each rank of Grit increases a character’s strain threshold by one.
  • Rapid Recovery. When this character heals strain after an encounter has concluded, they heal one additional strain per rank in Rapid Recovery.
  • Stimpack Specialization Whenever the character uses a stimpack, the target heals an additional wound per rank of Stimpack Specialization. The sixth stimpack and beyond each day still have no effect.
  • Street Smarts (2). Remove per rank of Street Smarts from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.
  • Surgeon. When this character makes a Medicine check to help a character heal wounds, the target heals one additional wound per rank of Surgeon.
  • Toughened (2). The character increases their wound threshold by two per rank of Toughened.
  • None

Credits 9300 (500 + 1000 Obligations + 16950 Sessions – 9150 Purchases)

  • HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol. Ranged (Light); Range: Medium; Damage: 5; Critical: ; Qualities: Accurate 1 (Adds ), Stun Setting
  • Energy Buckler Melee Range; Range: Engaged; Damage 2; Critical: ; Qualities: Concussive 1, Defensive 1, Deflection 1; Features: The GM may spend to have the energy buckler run out of power and stop functioning until the end of the encounter.
  • Padded Armour. Soak 2
  • ECM-598 Medical Backpack. Features: Grants to all Medicine skill checks. Decrease the difficulty of Medicine checks to heal Critical Injuries by 1, to a minimum of Easy ()
  • Stimpacks (10)
  • Commlink (Handheld).

Bianca is a quirky female human who spots blue hair, an earring and tattoo on the back of her neck. She constantly wears loose clothing over her armor. Preferring to use her mental prowess over a physical one to confrontations but can fight in a firefight, she tends to think a lot along with leaving people alive in fights going with her code as a doctor.


Wanderer & Middle Class Struggles. (Complete soon)

  • The Weak/Charity. (Type: Cause) Wandering around the galaxy for jobs, Bianca gain an newfound appreciation to her career and helping those who were in pain. She realised that even though she thought she had it bad, there were more people who had it even worse.
  • Peace. (Type: Belief) Knowing about the horrors of the war and the Imperials, Bianca would love to do no more than to end the tyrannical reign but doesn’t have that great of a combat prowess to begin with. So she focuses on helping those who need medical aid and not going out of her way to kill people.
  • BTL Addiction. (Type: Addiction; Magnitude: 15) In order to cope with the amount of violence and failures in her career as a doctor, she occasionally turns to BTLs in order to get away from it all and experience a fantasy where she can have control and be in pure bliss.
  • Felicity. (Type: Rival; Magnitude: 10) During her travels with the group, an idea was for the network of the target to be hacked so they could get in without causing any alerts. Things went smoothly until she had to sedate someone and triggered the alarm. Before running away, she saw the Security Specialist who tried to find her after the first botched attempt at hacking the node. Through the window, she provoked Felicity and revealed herself to be the one who managed to get in while gesturing and mouthing the words “Call me.” before jumping down.


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