Kaptenk "Kapten" D'noqurekth

Jawa Engineer


“Utinni! A functional DPU7? Yes, yes, yes, yes this will do nicely. We can’t be stopped now, no, no, no.” — Kaptenk (in Jawaese)

Species Jawa Male
Career Technician
Specialisations Outlaw Tech
Experience 0 (100 Base +0 Obligations -100 Expenditure)

1 2 4 3 2 2
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence

Wound 10
Strain 12
Soak 2
Defense 0/0

General Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Astrogation* Int 1
Computers* Int 1
Cool Pre
Mechanics* Int 2
Perception* Cun
Piloting (Planetary)* Agi 1
Streetwise* Cun 1
Vigilance Wil
Combat Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Ranged (Heavy) Agi 1
Knowledge Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Underworld* Int 1
* Indicates Career Skills
Species Traits
  • Reduced Silhouette. Silhouette size 0.
  • Solid Repairs (1). The character repairs 1 additional hull trauma per rank of Solid Repairs whenever he repairs a starship or vehicle.
  • Utinni! (2). Remove per rank of Utinni! from checks to find or scavenge items or gear. Such checks take half the time.
  • Tinkerer (1). May add 1 additional hard point to a number of items equal to ranks in Tinkerer. Each item may only be modified once.

Credits 100 (500 + 1000 Obligations -1400 Purchases)

  • OK-98 Blaster Carbine. [Ranged – Heavy] Range: Medium; Damage: 9; Critical: ; Qualities: Stun Setting;
    Features: May ignore first “out of ammo” during combat, or may modify with Easy () Mechanics check to add +2 damage. Modded weapon may explode with .
  • Concealing Robes. Soak 1; Features: Add to checks to notice or recognize an individual wearing concealing robes.
  • Dataspike. Features: Adds to any Computers check made to slice computers, Adds to any attempt to locate the use of a data breaker in a computer system.
  • Utility Belt. Features: 1 Increase Encumbrance Threshold by 1 Mod
  • Commlink (Handheld).

“Ever tried to make a sandcrawler launch into space? This is both what makes him ambitious beyond practicality, and why he’s on a ship with randoms instead of still working on sandcrawlers. He has a plan, but we’re not sure if even he knows what it is yet.”



  • XXX. (Type: XXX) XXX
  • XXX. (Type: Notoriety; Magnitude: 15) XXX
  • Session 1 missed
  • Session 2 10 Exp.

Kaptenk "Kapten" D'noqurekth

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