Twi'lek Smuggler


“Character Quote”

Species Twi’lek
Career Smuggler
Specialisations Gunslinger
Experience 0 (335 XP -Expenditures)
[Base (105) +Sessions]

2 4 2 3 2 3
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence

Wound 14
Strain 15
Soak 4
Defense 0/0

General Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Deception Cun 1
Cool* Pre 1
Coordination* Agi 1
Deception* Cun 1
Piloting (Space)* Agi 1
Streetwise* Cun 1
Combat Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
Ranged (Light)* Agi 1
Knowledge Skills Attribute Rank Dice Pool
* Indicates Career Skills
Species Traits
  • Arid Adaption. When making skill checks, Twi’leks may remove imposed due to arid or hot environmental conditions.
  • Quick Strike (3): Add to combat checks against targets that have not acted yet this encounter.
  • Grit: +1 Strain
  • Lethal Blows (2): +20 to Critical Injury Result.
  • Toughened: +2 Wound threshold.
  • Dedication: +1 Agility
  • Spitfire: After a successful combine check with two Ranged (Light) weapons, additional hits can be allocated to other targets within range of the weapon.
  • Sorry About The Mess: Crit Requirement Reduced by one if opponent has not yet acted.
  • Dodge (1): When targeted in combat, may perform a Dodge incidental. Suffer strain no greater than ranks in Dodge to upgrade the difficulty of the attack by that number.
  • Rapid Reaction (3): Suffer a number of strain up to ranks in Rapid Reaction to add an equal number of to initiative checks.
  • Guns Blazing: As an incidental, suffer 2 strain to avoid increasing the difficulty of a Ranged (Light) check to attack with both weapons.

Credits 3,350 Credits (18,450 Credits – Purchases)

  • [Paired] [Superior]DR-45 “Dragoon” Cavalry Blaster. Enc: 1 Range: Medium; Damage: 9; Critical: ; Qualities: Stun Setting, Accurate: 1 (Add ) Superior: Add +
  • [Paired] [Superior]DR-45 “Dragoon” Cavalry Blaster. Enc: 1 Range: Medium; Damage: 9; Critical: ; Qualities: Stun Setting, Accurate: 1 (Add ) Superior: Add +
  • Padded Armour. Soak 2
  • Utility Belt
  • Stim Pack (x5)
  • Comlink

Ann`ani is a very attractive female Twi’lek. She is quite graceful, which helps her be both seductive and deadly. Her control of her own body makes her able to do things that are nearly hypnotic at times. She has two prehensile tentacles and blue skin with purple eyes and a lean frame.


The Down And Out. Ann`ani was sold from one owner to another from a young age. She was trained in the arts of pleasing others, and was lucky enough to have one of her clients fall for her. This was a bounty hunter who dreamed of one day saving her from her life of servitude, and was training her on how to fight when they were dong doing more personal things on his dime. She appreciated the man’s help, and was thankful for his kindness, but naturally did not feel the same way. Is hard to fall in love with someone who is paying to bed you. When the opportunity presented itself, she used all her skills to escape that life and has no intention of ever going back to it, deciding death is a better option if she is required to choose between the two. This Bounty hunter is who gave her the information on a ship being kept quietly in a secluded hangar.

The escape/theft went fairly well. Cando had told her where the ship was and when the security was the most lax. She managed to talk Kapten into helping her, they were also eager to get out of the toxic life they were stuck in and strike out on their own. They were quite nearly caught during the escape, as Cando had been caught scouting and was killed by way of torture during the actual escape. Poor fool probably thought the feelings went both ways. He was simply another person who had used her as if she belonged to him; as if she belonged to anyone.

Kapten and Ann`ani started their own lives together with their newly acquired ship that Ann`ani felt a strong connection to. The ship was intelligent and treated her as if she were a mother, probably because she cared for it and protected it as she did herself. It has been a couple years now and during that time they had adopted a few other orphans in Doggo, Bianca, and Rif. If the money is right, they take the job and do their best not to show up on the wrong people’s radar. Ann`ani knows that she is being hunted, knows about her bounty, but does her best to keep the right people paid to ensure she is not found. So far she has been lucky.

  • Ambition. (Type: Freedom) Ann`ani wants to be free. now that she has had a taste of it, anything but total freedom is a non-starter for her. As long as she can stay out from under the thumb of anyone, she is happy to do whatever work she can find to retain her freedom.
  • Bounty (Magnitude: 20) Ann`ani has a bounty on her by the leader of an organized crime syndicate. This is due to the ship she has stolen that had a lot of advanced technology as well as an advanced AI which has apparently imprinted on her. While they have little concern on her being alive or dead, the ship is part of the bounty, and must be recovered intact.

XP Spending:
Deception (Racial)
Cool (Gunslinger)
Coordination (Smuggler)
Deception (Smuggler)
Piloting Space (Smuggler)
Streetwise (Smuggler)
Ranged-Light (Gunslinger)

Grit -5 ©
Quick Strike -5 ©
Grit -10 ©
Quick Draw -5
Lethal Blows -10
Toughened -15
Call ’Em -15
Lethal Blows -20
Spitfire -25
Dedication (Agility) -25
Rapid Reaction -5
Quick Strike -10
Dodge -15
Guns Blazing -20
Sorry About The Mess -15
Rapid Reaction -20

[Scoundrel] -20
Rapid Reaction -5
Quick Strike -10

Gold Spending:
DR-45 “Dragoon” Cavalry Blaster 1,900

  • Paired 300
  • Superior Customization 5,000

DR-45 “Dragoon” Cavalry Blaster 1,900

  • Paired 300
  • Superior Customization 5,000

7 x Stimpack: 25
1 Utility belt: 25
1 Comlink: 25
Padded Armor: 500


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